16 thoughts on “Illustrator tutorial: How to design a web site | lynda.com

  1. This is not really a tutorial on how to design a website using illustrator,
    it is more of a tutorial on how to slightly modify a few premade elements.

  2. Why do you call it multiple art boards when in reality their is only one
    art board and multiple design/pages.

  3. Hi there.. I have been using illustrator for my website..I am not a
    programmer so i send it of to a friend of mine who tries to copy what i
    have…(i dont really check pixel sizes etc..its more like i am sending a
    very in depth sketch, complete with shadows, lighting etc.. but its all in
    one layer) but it never really looks the same,, he said it was easier for
    him to read it of Photoshop..its a bit late for me to relearn everything,

  4. basically how can i make what i have in illustrator look exactly the same
    on web…I have designed buttons, navbars etc..but have no clue on sizes of
    things and how i should go about sending him the work… my images just
    seem more high spec..

  5. I was wondering how can i translate what i have into a form that is not
    only easier for him to use, but in future i can send him something that he
    essentially copies and pastes

  6. Learn HTML and CSS, and for other cool features on your site learn
    JavaScript and JQuery or use third party code plugins.

  7. there is an artboard in each of them pages which is 3 so 3 artboards there.
    He just didnt focus on the artboard template behind the pages as he did in
    one of the objects in 5:41.

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