8 thoughts on “Macaw – Web Design of the Future Demo

  1. Higher resolutions of the video should be rendered by Youtube hopefully
    soon. If not I’ll look into it. I recorded the video in HD.

  2. can you tell how to add a youtube box on macaw and slideshow and drop down
    menu pages that will be great i hope hear from you soon Thanks

  3. I am not web designer but I want to create my own web page. I purchased
    macaw but I feel has a lot of issues for my needs. I also have mac iweb and
    I did several webpages using iweb. Why the macaw guys are not posting
    videos for training purpose for their consumers. I want to thank you you
    for your training videos. if you can post more videos how to keep headers
    when the page is scrolling down.

  4. I like how you showed us how to manage the naming of everything. Since you
    are more of a programmer, it might be nice to see adding JavaScript to

  5. I’ve looked all over to figure out how to make an image a link… at 8:48
    you discuss that. Thanks!

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