24 thoughts on “Macaw – Web Design Tool Introduction


  2. As much as I appreciate the training video, you sound like you’re
    whispering sometimes. Like you’re not trying to wake someone in the next
    room. You should speak a little bolder… be loud and proud. But again, I
    appreciate the video

  3. Downloaded a trial version for windows. I could not see how to get started.
    Now looking at this I can see that the tools on the left are missing. I
    cant see how to get them up either. Also…if I open a box such as
    shortcuts, I cannot see any way of closing it and I have to shut Macaw

  4. thank you very much for the introduction. that was more than helpful. is
    there any chance to make the send-button work without any higher

  5. But Can’t afford to buy it so i’m gonna wait till someone cracks it so i
    can download it from a torrent….

  6. JBlock, thanks for a WONDERFUL overview of this software…you are a
    rockstar! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for (on Youtube). You did
    a great job of explaining how it works…and didn’t get frustrated with the
    bugs…good on you. 😉 – great job. Keep up the good work.

  7. Thanks for the video. I thought the background issue on the body was me
    doing something wrong. Glad to hear it was a bug.

    Something I hope to see is vertical aligning of text within an element.

  8. How does Macaw handle flowing content? I mean, if you add more text to a
    text element can it expand all its parent elements? In the editor? In the
    browser? It doesn’t look like Macaw understands element flow at least when
    you are designing.

  9. Thanks, but sitting thru 41 min. is not very efficient. In the About you
    could make ‘chapters’, where the time at which each topic is changed is

    Just a tho’t.

  10. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like the body bg and page name
    bugs are already fixed in 0.7.1.

  11. Hi great job.
    But i will wait to later this year. Looks like there many problems to fix.
    I have downloaded free trail (mac), but i think its missing a lot function
    or make them easier to use for regular people like me ;-), theres no reason
    for me to change my software to this yet.
    Hope it will be better soon. or i thinking buying everweb don’t know which
    the best Macaws vs Everweb 

  12. Does Macaw write Javascript as well? What kind of interactive elements are
    you able to add without coding knowledge?

  13. The program looks really good:o i’ve been using sublime text for some time
    now and i’m really used to that.. but i MIGHT try this out if i can find
    the money for it:P (i’m a student, so the money isn’t really always there
    for nice things like this) but w/e:P looks really good:)

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