25 thoughts on “Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – More Creating Web Page Basics

  1. Double check the location of the file you uploaded. Open a browser and type
    the address of the picture and see if it shows up. If not, you need to find
    the real address of the picture. When you have the URL, go to the picture
    properties and put in the URL for the picture. When you do a Web page
    preview, it should now show up.

  2. Nice one adding to the site. How does one upload a Publisher web site 2007
    via the recomended FileZilla? The filling in for sympatico users does not
    seem to start working. Also the Help instructions are rather difficult to
    follow due to changing key words as some have different forms available.

  3. @manofsamp You need to save it out as html and it will include the Web page
    and folder. You will need to upload these items to your ISP.

  4. @c130bulldawg you rock! i’ve seen about half of your vids and they are easy
    to follow and have really helped me with pub. thanks

  5. @manofsamp You need to find a place that will “host” your Website.
    Someplace like GoDaddy or ISP is Internet Service Provider. Most all the
    free Web hosting companies offer very limited service. Once you pay for a
    “host” and buy a domain (yourWebsite dawt com) Then you can upload the
    index file to your hosting account. Each ISP has different ways to upload
    your Webpage so you need consult their help files. If this is all still to
    complicated, you need to check out Wix (do a Google search).

  6. Hi Chuckie, I followed your instruction it works fine; however, when i
    published my website the connecting link is ‘gone’ , not working, not
    linked to each other. I have no idea why. please help! thanks

  7. cool hey listen thank you very much I have a question why is it that I
    can’t webpage preview I am running a publisher 2007 trial, is it because is
    a trial basis software that is not letting me do this please advise

  8. You can either embed the html using the html fragment method or you can
    upload the page using an FTP program. Publisher is getting more and more
    difficult to upkeep. I have started to use drupal and wordpress.

  9. Microsoft has dropped the support for Web pages in 2010. I am running the
    beta. Because of this, I have ceased to use Office 2007 to make Web pages.

  10. @c130bulldawg i didn’t understand a word you just said 😛 I saved it as
    index.html, when i open it, link appears as “c:documents/desktop” or
    something like that, noone else can see it…. I am asking HOW to upload
    index.html file ? I don’t know what is ISP

  11. Can the preformated nav bars shape be adjusted. I can’t fit the titles of
    my pages in the nav bars.

  12. does any body know ,why my publisher windows 7 only shows the web
    navigation bar ,but when i try to click it to go to the other pages it does
    not work, i see in this video that he clicks and goes to the pages ,i`m
    sorry for my english i´m a student in mexico, thanks.

  13. I’ve all but abandoned my attempt at Publisher Web pages in favor of Google
    Sites because the coding is too wonky to work well with Chrome, Firefox,
    and Safari.

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